Felix and Sophia

Felix and Sophia are Senator Antonius’s young children.

Felix, the younger of the two, is mute, unable – or unwilling – to speak ever since his mother died. In most other ways, he’s a pretty normal kid; he likes sports and dotes on his dog, Dudemus. He even likes Macky’s occasionally obnoxious pet, Pontius the parrot.

When Felix needs to say something, he uses sign language and relies on his older sister, Sophia, to translate for him. Sophia obliges, but occasionally translates to her own advantage. Despite this tendency, she is a devoted sister who always protects Felix from the taunts of the neighbourhood bullies.

Both Sophia and Felix are fascinated by the Bible stories their father tells them, and they also follow Macky’s relationship with Portia with great interest.

Portrait of Felix and Sophia