Dudemus (Dude) is a Molossian dog, and a much-loved, extremely loyal family pet to the household of Antonius and his children. The Molossian was an ancient breed of dog which no longer exists in its pure form today; they were powerful beasts, often used for hunting.

But the truth is that Dudemus is really a big softie! He dotes on Felix and Sophia, and loves playing chasing games in the garden of their lovely Roman home. If Dudemus takes against someone, though, they’d better watch out! Toadie never seems to hit it off with Dude, and when this dog barks – he barks loudly!

Unfortunately, Dudemus also takes against Pontius the parrot. But perhaps this is just some friendly rivalry as the two pets vie for attention from Macky and the gang?

Portrait of Dudemus