Sarah is a girl of Macky’s age who lives inside the besieged city of Jerusalem.

A Jewish rebel, a zealot, through and through, Sarah automatically thinks of fighting back when faced with the very powerful Romans. But when she meets Macky on one of his courier missions, she is intrigued by his peace-loving ways. And he, in turn, is drawn to her idealism – something he misses in Portia. Sarah is not a girl to readily accept defeat in any argument, and she and Portia somehow never hit it off! Maybe it’s because Portia is a Roman and Sarah can’t see beyond that, or perhaps there’s a bit of rivalry between the two girls when it comes to Macky’s attention?

Both Sarah and Macky will take something away from their friendship; Macky will see where unyielding zealotry can often lead, while Sarah will learn from Macky that violence isn’t the answer.

Portrait of Sarah