Roman Tents Roman Tents

Roman Tents

Series 2 - Many Episodes

What do you think it would be like to live most of your life in a tent? You would have to live in a tent if you were a Roman soldier or a member of his family!

Archaeologists have discovered the remains of actual Roman tents by digging up Roman military camp sites. The Roman Army’s tents were usually made out of calf or goat skin and didn’t look very much like tents today which are usually made of canvas or nylon.

Eight men lived in each tent and when they moved on the tents could be rolled up into a long sausage shape ready to be carried on a mule or a pony. They were probably smelly and not very comfortable!

In Series 2 a number of the Friends and Heroes characters spend time in Roman tents, either visiting or as prisoners of the Romans.

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