Macky is an average fourteen-year-old. He's bright, funny, sometimes hot-headed and courageous, sometimes confused - in fact not that different from most teenagers today.

But there's more to Macky, much more. Like his father, Samuel, Macky believes in the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. If the Romans ever found out about Macky's beliefs they would punish him, so he has to keep them a secret. But Macky refuses to give in to the Romans. He dreams of freedom for all those harmed by Roman laws, and he's always taking part in adventures, daring rescues and secret missions, all designed to get his fellow rebels out of trouble. Above all, Macky is an idealist.

Macky knows the streets and alleyways of Alexandria, Jerusalem and Rome like the back of his hand; he is a daring horseman, agile, athletic and resourceful - a great friend in any escapade.

Does he hate the Romans? He knows he shouldn't, but he's a teenager, and he can't help it. But as he shares the stories of his people's heroes with family and friends, Macky travels the most important journey of all through Friends and Heroes - the journey of life.

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Portrait of Macky